This book is language friendly to maximize the class of interested readers. It does not contain erotic, political or religious views or beliefs. No scenes of murder or massacre against humanity are included in it. The intelligence organizations and world unions mentioned here are not the actual organizations and unions in practice and their mention does not in any way relate to their actual procedures and operations. The whole story is literally based on imagination. Any event similar to real events in the past or present is simply a coincidence or imitation rather than a presentation of the same. The intention of this book is basically to entertain the reader through the manipulation of controversies and paradoxes caused by the world’s fast growing scientific technology and imagination as well as strange occurrences in the past and in the present, and as to whether technology is ‘Privilege or Doom’. This book is the original work of supernice1 blog host. Supernice1 is a simple blog page created in November 16, 2018.


This book is dedicated to You – thereader, and to Me – the author, in memory of Albert Einstein, a Scientist whoonce said, “It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceededour humanity.”


“After a series of UFO abductions all over the planet, there has been a long chain of unanswered questions. Panic has taken over and is now in direct control of the universe. My team has done everything in our capacity to put the situation under control. All the abduction witnesses have been characterized with similar symptoms – memory loss and being in a daze. Hypnosis sessions have been undertaken on them and information extracted. Medical examination officers have claimed that Unidentified Flying Objects, large, circular with domes above and below them have landed in various places around the world. Some strange grey-coloured creatures with big heads and large black eyes have abducted the victims. Each of the victims has been taken to an unusual operation room with uncountable buttons and light beams on the walls. Something has been implanted on each one of them and worse still, genetic crossbreeding between humans and those aliens has been experimented. The aliens have left a message to the victims indicating that they shall soon come back for them….”

“…. Hey, stop right there! This is literally insane. It can never be true,” interrupted the Chairperson, breathing heavily.

“Let’s get down to the open forum now, Honourables,” he continued, referring to the Heads of States and Delegates from all over the world.

Due to uncountable reports by the CNN and BBC reporters over UFO abductions, an International Presidential Conference had been held in Johannesburg, South Africa. This was meant to discuss in detail the situation of the UFO as well as the launching of the first World Time Travel Machine – WTTM1. The meeting had proceeded well until the Senior Secretary of the UFO Committee stood to present the committee’s findings.

The UFO Committee was a team ofexperts, one from each of the world’s best Intelligence, Medical andTechnological Firms. It had been formed earlier that year to conduct variouspractices in an attempt to capture a UFO machine for research processes as wellas to deal with the UFO abduction victims. The World Bank had collected grantsfrom well-wishers all over the world to be spent on the Committee’s operations.

The conference head could not take it anymore. He glared grudgingly at the Senior Secretary of the UFO Committee and then turned to the Delegates. “What do you have to say, great people?”

“I don’t like what I am hearing, Honourables. It all sounds so fake,” said the Chinese Prime Minister. His voice vibrated vigorously through the conference house translator-devices.

“That’s exactly the same way I feel,” joined the US President. “Actually, I had read such a story somewhere back in the years.”

“Me too. I wonder what is going on here,” added the Gabon Delegate.

“You don’t understand a thing. With all due respect, you gave us a job and that’s exactly what we’ve been doing. You have read such a story in the past, but that does not mean it’s the same story you are listening to right now. Think for a minute and ask yourself; If this thing is happening now, and if it once happened before, then isn’t that a message to us? These things are coming….”

“When? When are they coming back?” asked the Conference Chairperson.

“That, we cannot tell. The aliens were never specific on that,” responded the Senior Secretary, “all we know is that they are coming.

“You sound so sure and comfortable talking about it…”

“I am indeed a great talker, that’s why.” Laughter echoed in the house.

Then the president of the Soviet Union of Russia spoke, “We have a problem here. Let’s find a solution. The UFOs can’t keep harassing us this way. We have missiles. Give my people a chance. The Committee has failed.”

“We have not failed, Sir,” the Secretary said, “As I said earlier, we have done everything in our capacity.”

“We needed results, not a report,” argued the Ethiopian President.

“What’s the difference? My report is based on the results. We made tests on the victims and these are the results. Our planet is under attack!”

“If this thing is true, then I am afraid we are doomed. I doubted the whole theory of UFOs from the day I heard about it. Now it sounds so real and if we are not careful enough, things shall never be the same again,” said the Ethiopian leader.

“How can we be sure that these things are not watching or even listening to us right now, or even planning an attack soon?” asked the leader of Turkey.

The Senior Secretary of the committee turned to him and answered, “The aliens are quite intelligent, that’s for sure. But we can’t afford to let paranoia be part of our lives. We are humans. Humans oughtn’t be shaken.”

The President of the Democratic Republic of Congo cleared his voice and started, “Paranoia is human nature. But we are giving the aliens too much undeserved praise. Honourables, this meeting is almost over. I will be travelling to Congo tomorrow. What shall I tell my people when I get home? Sometimes I sit down in my office and ask myself this question: Why does every human creature carry a microchip beneath their skin? If these aliens are implanting devices in humans’ brains, it means they have technology with them. If we don’t remove microchips from our skin, the aliens shall soon hack into them and control us from their homeland…”

That was the last time the meeting had one person speaking at a time. Commotion took the better part of the conference with fierce disagreement amongst the world leaders. Some recommended the newly adopted microchips meant to locate each human being’s whereabouts. It was only meant for the good of the people. Another group opposed the idea and questioned the microchip’s relevance. “I don’t need a microchip to locate a human being while we are both on the same planet. Even a lost dog finds its way home. The FBI should look into the matter and tell us why we got microchips in us!” they shouted.

The British Prime Minister sat silently in deep meditation. She had sensed danger. The microchip-fixing process had been successful with 87% of the world’s adult population embracing it as a technological advancement. It would help identify and locate any human being from every corner of the world. In fact, the whole idea had been put in place as a desperate measure to deal with location of abducted victims who were being dumped in remote areas all over the earth.

Before the use of microchips on humans, it was almost impossible to find victims of abduction since some were being abandoned in Kalahari Desert and deep in various forests across the globe. The microchip idea also played a remarkable role in curbing human trafficking, illegal immigration and all forms of crimes.

The meeting took longer than expected. The chairperson closed it even before they had gotten a chance to discuss the WTTM1 launching that was scheduled to happen quite soon. When she got back home, the British PM secretly contacted the Head of the UFO Committee.

“Hola, Agent457.”

“What can I do for you Ma’am?”

“I need to see you.”

“You know that’s impossible.”

“I know.”

“I’m not authorized to see anyone in person. Our mission could be compromised.”

“The WTTM1 could be useful. I know how. If interested, meet me in Rome, next week on Tuesday. Main Train Station in Capital City 10:00a.m. You’ll be picked by my men.” She then hanged up the phone.

Meanwhile, Professor Brown, an Australian Scientist was busy, as usual, in his huge laboratory based in a secret Island in Australia, working on human clones. He received a call from Dr. Akeke, a Nigerian Computer Wizard. This was the man behind the invention of time machines and was preparing to launch his first successful machine – WTTM1 the following week. Having worked on his project for over four decades, he had travelled to over a hundred different countries in the world doing research. Now, he knew what such a success meant for him. The world would soon make him the lone topic of the day. Such an achievement had not been earned easily. Mockery had become part of his life.

“Hey Prof. I haven’t heard from you for a while?

“I am sorry.”

“Any new discoveries down there?

“The clones are better than we thought Dr. Akeke! They can work perfectly well, operate machinery just like their originals. My only fear is the world’s attitude. They think we are mocking the gods.”

“Science is always opposed to religion. We expect that.”

“But the same gods help scientists make discoveries, right?

“May be.”

“So, tell me… what are you up to?

“You saw what happened in South Africa Prof.”

“I did. I am so sorry about that. Are you going to proceed with your launching?”

“I don’t know. The Presidential Approval would have been the best way. Many people don’t seem to understand this Super-machine. I felt so embarrassed at the conference. Did you see how much obsessed they were with the UFO thing? They forgot everything about me. Maybe because I was African…”

“No, please don’t say that.”

“I was seated alone, ignored, listening to their argument. I waited for someone to tell me something about my big machine. I only received handshakes, smiles and congratulatory gestures.”

“People are fearful. That’s why. The UFO thing is what they need to deal with first. That’s exactly why I kept my clones intact, lest they call them aliens.”

“You are so funny… or maybe they should start calling my WTTM1 a UFO… I will call you again soon to let you know if I’ll be launching it.”


The British PM held a secret meetingwith Agent457. She was certain that this was the right man to talk to. The agent had made himself a great name, having worked with MI5 in many successfulmilitary operations. He had joined the MI5 after having worked with the BritishSpecial Forces and the National Secret Intelligence Unit NSIU. The UNDetectives Department Agency DDA nominated him to lead the UFO Committee.

The number of victims of abduction had risen by 12.5% to eight hundred and sixty-four from the previous year. The Committee had not identified any UFO yet and the big man was at the edge of losing his job. The PM stared at him for some time and displayed what seemed like an expression of mixed feelings, humour versus pity.

“What?” asked the Agent.

“You know; I don’t trust you,” whispered the PM.

“You don’t need to. Do you?”

“I look at a man like you and… I can’t help thinking that… you’re greater than they think. You have made tremendous efforts to keep Britain stronger than it had ever been before… and by the way you’re welcome on that…” she paused.

“I’m listening…” he said.

Then she continued, “The point is that, you’re losing it and I don’t like that. There is no way I can help, though,except suggesting that you quit. That will help in keeping your name before they think of tarnishing it. You saw what they told your boy at the conference.I hated what I heard. I knew your team was doing fine. The UFO thing is a natural phenomenon, yeah, but what are they doing; the biggest of fish?”

“Tell me,” said 457.

“The presidents. Not all. Most of them. They have no answers, so what happens? They look for someone to blame for their failure. And who is that? You. Your team will end up looking so bad. I have ears. What they say about the Nigerian kid, is exactly what they say about you too.”

“I didn’t get that.”

“Open your eyes, my darling. The WTTM1 guy, the UFO Committee… they don’t trust you anymore. Seriously, how do you convince a whole lot of paranoid delegates that the UFOs are not some kind of time traveler machines? Again, how do you convince them that the UFO Committee doesn’t know that?”

“Is that the kind of nonsense you called me here for? Seriously?”

“I didn’t burn plane fuel to come and say these things, Agent457”

“Then why am I in Rome? To watch the birds?”

“To watch ‘em birds too… if it pleases you. I am the head of Britain and I don’t advocate for failure. You are a product of British intelligence. Do your work.”

“I have been doing my work.”

“Any results yet? No. So do your work.”


“A British Super Agent only rests when the mission is over. Only that you are receiving commands from the wrong Generals. Think outside the box. Who hired you?”

“You already know that.”

“Of course I do. We hired you. We, the Heads of States. The IPU. Do you remember what happened in U.S.A? The IPU sent your team of experts to the FBI to have them oversee an exercise that involved implantation of microchips under the human skin. And what is happening today? The same presidents are fighting over the microchip thing, like they didn’t know anything good about it anymore. They give you commands because they feel superior about it; we feel superior, yeah. Then what? When missions fail, they keep aside and scold you. You and your team! And I hate them for that… I ask myself; Since when did Great Britain start producing Amateur Agents?”

“What do you want, Your Excellency?”

“Step down. Operate Undercover. My office will fund you.”

“Deal! And what about the WTTM1?”

“Forget it. It’s one of those gadgets that I had to mention so as to get you to Rome…”

“Oh my goodness! You got me.”

The professor received a call from Dr. Akeke. The Dr. said that he would still launch his device. He explained that it was the one he would use to evade the aliens in case they attacked. The professor found it a great idea. He promised that he would look for ways to help him launch his work successfully. A few days later, the professor made a trip to France.

The French City Security Agency FCSA informed the French President that the Great Scientist was in the country. He requested for a brief meeting with him and soon the Presidential Escort team went to pick him.

“Welcome to France, Professor.”

“I am delighted to be here, Sir.”

“I am humbled to have you around, Professor Brown.”

“It’s my pleasure.”

“So, would you like to let me know your business here?”

“Sure. I’m here for some synthetic cloning material. I no longer need the ones in my country.”

“You flatter me, Prof. If the ones in my country serve you better, then I’m honoured. Enjoy your stay.”

“Thank you, Your Excellency.”

Immediately he left, the president called the Australian President and inquired whether she knew of the Professor’s visit.

“Yes, I’m aware of that. My men have already informed me.”

“And the business?”

“Does it matter, Sir?”

“I’m sorry. I just got curious. The way he responded to my little inquiry wasn’t so straight. You don’t leave the Australian silver for the French bronze.”

“What do you think? My old man is clean. But if one gets naughty at mid-fifties, then my hands are clean. You can have him.”

“I need to talk to someone.”

A few minutes later, Agent457 received an email from the International Presidential Union – IPU headquarters based in Nairobi, Kenya. He called the British PM.

“The IPU…” he said.

“I know. I have just received the E-mail too,” she answered.

“I have already drafted my resignation.”

“I don’t know what to tell you, Agent. Did you talk to your team about quitting?”

“Of course I did. I had to, and you know what? They were all happy to hear that!”



“Happy that you were leaving them or…? I don’t get it. I thought they would mourn your departure!”

“Happy that soon they will be out of humiliation. Right now I’m heading to Manchester to drop letters. Letters of resignation from all my team members. Surprised?”

“I’m so worried. I needed you out, yes, but I need this Prof. tracked.”

“I’m out Ma’am, and my team and I are not gonna get back there again ever!”

“Just do the last one…”


“I like your attitude Agent457. You’re welcome. Now let’s do this. And not a word to anyone.

“Not a word.”

He dropped the letters at the IPU Offices Manchester Branch and headed to France under the protection of the British PM’s Secret Service. The PM received an E-mail minutes later informing her of the UFO Committee breakdown.

After leaving the French Head, Prof. Brown made several calls and then settled in a VIP Guest House in the Capital. Just like the Dr, he always had a dozen highly trained bodyguards escorting him. Such a great Scientist needed protection.

A well-built gentleman visited his Hotel room three days later. He had a team of bodyguards too. They talked privately with the Prof. for almost an hour. The next day, Prof left the country. Agent457 walked into the hotel room and collected his recording gadget he had secretly installed in the Professor’s room earlier that day. He then went to his own room in the same building and listened to the recorder……………to be continued









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